English Lesson Plan: Education

The English lesson plan on the topic Education starts with a warming-up activity where students are encouraged to activate their education related vocabulary through visual aids such as pictures showing educational notions. It is likely that students won’t know all the words, so the list of new vocabulary is provided. If students still have a difficulty matching words and pictures, the teacher’s assistance may be necessary.

The second assignment revises the system of education in the United States in the form of a table with the names of educational institutions such as kindergarten, high school etc, and the age of students who attend them respectively. This is followed by questions which aim to cement the new knowledge in the students’ minds.
The next exercise provides useful insights on everyday school life expressions such as pass an exam, skip classes, receive grades and do tests. The expressions are provided in a natural context in the form of real life conversations. After doing this exercise students should be able to guess the meanings of the new words through context. The follow-up activity ask students to find correct definitions of the new words and expressions thus making sure they have a clear and correct idea of what each and every word means.
The next activity is a multiple choice exercise which aims to clear up the difference between such expressions as pass/sit/fail an exam. There are three statements about an imaginary character Mike who does some actions related to exams. Students should be able to select the correct equivalent for all exam expressions.
The text for gap filling, which follows, touches upon the topic of higher education in the United States. It describes different kinds of schools and admission criteria, as well as the requirements that applicants should meet in order to enroll into a college or university. The graduate and post graduate education is also discussed, as well as employment prospects for different professionals.
The crossword puzzle at the end of the English lesson plans sums up the vocabulary which has been introduced during the class.
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