English lesson plans with crossword puzzles

The one distinct feature of our English lesson plans is that each English lesson plan contains a crossword puzzle. A lot of our partner teachers pointed out that their students loved solving crossword puzzles both in class and at home. Keeping this in mind, we decided to introduce the extended crossword puzzles to the English lesson plans. Each crossword puzzle contains up to 30 words and definitions that students should fill in the blank gaps.

Crossword puzzles allow your students to refresh the vocabulary they have just learned, as well as learn some new words on a topic. While solving a crossword puzzle, students may have to do some research. You may use the crossword puzzle in class or leave it as a home assignment.

There are more than 100 elaborate crossword puzzles which are all included in our English lesson plans. Download a free sample plan with a crossword puzzle, or download all English lesson plans to provide your students with effective vocabulary learning tools!