Printable English Worksheets

Each lesson plan contains several printable English worksheets. To smooth the flow of your ESL class, we have arranged our printable English worksheets in such a way that they would present a logical succession of activities.

English worksheet with color pictures

Each lesson starts with a worksheet where students should match words with color pictures. This kind of activity is a good warmer. Apart from being highly educational, it is fun to do and most students will love it!

English worksheet with vocabulary exercises

The second worksheet features vocabulary exercises where students should match words with their definitions, or a variation of this activity.

English worksheet with text for gap-filling

The third worksheet is usually a text for reading and gap filling. The task is to complete the text with the missing words. The words are provided before the text. If you think your students may not be familiar with some of these words, you might need to assist them with translation or explanation.

English worksheet with a dialogue

Worksheet four has several situations for acting out a dialogue in pairs. The situations are based on the topic and the information from the text. The students can choose one of the situations and after a few minutes of preparation they should act out a dialogue using the new vocabulary they have just learnt.

English worksheet with a crossword puzzle

Worksheet five has a crossword puzzle. Most of the words in the crossword puzzle are those which were mentioned during the lesson, so essentially the crossword puzzle is a revision exercise which you can use as a home assignment.

English Worksheet with answers

Worksheet six is an Answer Sheet which is for teachers only. However, you can give it to your students for self-correction. The Answer Sheet does not include keys for exercises where more than one answer is possible.
Download all six worksheets for free!