English lesson plan with the topic Health

The English lesson plan Health starts with a warmer in which students should guess things like 'sore throat', 'high temperature', 'pills', 'toothache' etc. by looking at the pictures. The pictures are drawn in a funny cartoonish way, which students are sure to enjoy.

Then, students match different types of illnesses with their symptoms, such as ‘if you have a flue, you are likely to have a sore throat and a cough’ etc. This is followed up by the reading and gap filling exercise where students should fill in the gaps in the text with the missing words.
Following this activity is the exercise ‘Guess who is speaking’. Students read some phrases and then try to guess who might say them. For example, ‘I need to measure your blood pressure’. Who could say this phrase? Answer: ‘A doctor or a nurse could say this’. Don’t forget to encourage students to give a full answer rather than just say one word.
Once the students have become familiar with the doctor’s and patient’s language, they are offered to act out a dialogue based on one of the suggested situations. A typical situation, of course, is a visit to a doctor. Ask students to use phrases from the ‘Guess who is speaking’ exercise in their dialogues, as well as add ones of their own. 
When students are through with their dialogues, you might want to engage them in a little discussion including questions like ‘When did you last visit your therapist?’ and ‘When did you last take a blood test?’ The list of questions is provided.
Next in this lesson is the Present Perfect vs. Past Simple grammar study section and the DIY exercise where students should read some sentences with both the Present Perfect and the Past Simple and then choose the correct rule for using the two tenses. The last worksheet in this lesson is a crossword puzzle on the topic Health.  
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