English lesson plan: topic Food and Drink

The class objective of the English lesson plan Food and Drink is to introduce basic vocabulary, such as names of fruits, vegetables and meat, along with the verbs of food cooking and food preparation.   

The lesson starts with a warming exercise where students should identify different types of fruit, meat and vegetables in the pictures. If students don’t know particular words, they can ask a teacher using a formula: ‘What do you call a fruit/vegetable which is all red and round?’
The warmer is followed by an activity where learners should divide verbs into two groups: food cooking (boil, bake, sauté, grill, stew, fry), and food preparation (cut, grate, chop, mince, peel, stir etc). It is assumed that students are only familiar with a few of these words, so they might want a little help with that too.
When students have refreshed their knowledge on both types of food and ways of cooking it, you can move on to discussing dishes and recipes. Offered are the names of five different dishes. The teacher tries to find out how much students know about each dish by asking them questions like ‘What ingredients are used for its preparation?’ and ‘What is the country of its origin?’   
Following this activity, students are given five different recipes to match with the dishes from the previous exercise. The recipes include both names of different kinds of food, and verbs of food preparation that students already know. This is followed up by a discussion of traditional foods and cuisines. In a mixed nationality class, students are encouraged to share recipes and traditions of food cooking in their home countries.
As the class nears the end, students are offered to solve the crossword puzzle consisting of 32 questions. Since this requires time, you might want to use the crossword as a home assignment. The lesson Food and Drink also includes a writing activity where students should draft a recipe of their favorite dish, and then share it with the rest of the class.
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