English Lesson Plan Wedding and Marriage

The Wedding and Marriage lesson is aimed at the acquisition of a typical wedding vocabulary, and its use in both oral speech and writing. At the beginning of the class students are given a list of wedding vocabulary such as ‘ring’, ‘wedding dress’, ‘church’, ‘minister’, ‘groom’, ‘bridesmaid’, ‘bouquet’, ‘reception’, ‘tuxedo’, ‘groomsman’, ‘unity candle’, ‘wedding party’ and are asked to say which of these words they can see in the pictures.

Basically at this point students should be ready to speak about weddings and things associated with them by picking necessary words from the list. So the teacher starts asking questions: ‘Have you ever been to a wedding?’ and ‘What was it like?’
This is followed by a text reading and gap filling exercise. The text describes a typical western wedding in detail with most of the keywords missing. Students should fill in the words in the text using the vocabulary which was given to them at the beginning of the class.
In the text, students can come across many examples of the Passive Voice structure. After students have read the text, they are given some Passive Voice sentences taken from the text, and are asked to work out the rule of using Passive voice on their own. This is followed by an exercise whey students should rewrite active sentences using Passive Voice.
Closer to the end of the class, students are engaged in a general discussion about weddings and wedding traditions in different countries and cultures, as well as advantages and disadvantages of big/small weddings, wedding gifts, and the best age to get married. In the end, the teacher gives the students a crossword puzzle to solve at home, and the class is dismissed.

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