English Lesson Plan Crime and Punishment

The English lesson plan – Crime and Punishment – starts with a warming exercise where students should identify different kinds of criminals by looking at the color pictures drawn by a team of our professional painters. The pictures show criminals in a comic way, so the ‘side effect’ of this exercise is that your students are going to have a good laugh while doing it.

The next activity is to match words with their definitions including such concepts as ‘manslaughter’, ‘murder’, ‘probation’, ‘offence’ and other legal language. This is followed by a short text for gap filling with blanks to be completed with the words from ex.2.
Following this activity, students should prepare and act out a dialogue based on a situation which is given to them. Students should do this in pairs. One of them is a suspect and the other is an attorney-of-defense who is supposed to protect the suspect in court.  While speaking, students practice using legal language in a ‘real-life’ situation.  
Next comes the reading comprehension of the text Death Penalty: For and against. The text provides information from the history of capital punishment, as well as the two opposing points of view on the death penalty. The true/false questions after the text check if the information was well-digested. If so, you can proceed to the discussion section with questions like ‘Are you in favor or against the death penalty?’
Once you have identified who favors death penalty and who does not, you can divide students in two teams and have them debate the issue of death penalty in class. The rules for debate are included in the lesson plan, so basically all you have to do is ask your students to read them. Like the rest of our English lesson plans, this one includes a crossword puzzle to solve either in class or at home.
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