English Lesson Plan: Describing People

At the beginning of the English lesson plan – People – students are asked to describe the people they see in the pictures. Specifically they should identify gender, age, and a possible occupation of each person. After that they are given the descriptions of the appearances of four people. Students read the descriptions and then match them with the pictures.

Then, students are offered a list of adjectives and are asked to divide these adjectives into two categories: those describing appearance, and those describing character. Some of the words and expressions may not be familiar to the students, so it may be necessary to use a dictionary or ask a teacher. Next, students should decide which of the given adjectives are positive and which are negative.
Following this activity is a reading and gap filling exercise where students read descriptions of both appearance and personality and try to fill in the gaps with the words they already know from exercise two. After that students are asked to read sentences which contain idioms describing people such as ‘cold fish’, ‘cat’s whiskers’, ‘bear with a sore head’ etc. Following this activity students are given definitions which they should match with the idioms.  
Then more pictures are offered. Each picture has a deciphered idiom which contains the word ‘head’. Students are asked to explain the metaphor behind each idiom as it is depicted in the picture. As soon as students decipher the idioms they should answer the questions containing those idioms such as ‘Do you know anyone with a head like a sieve?’ etc. The last but not least in this lesson is a crossword puzzle with questions covering the vocabulary of the lesson.
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