English lesson Job

The English lesson – Job starts with a warm-up where students should guess people’s professions after looking at the pictures. The pictures are the cumulative images of typical traits characteristic of a specific profession, such as the driver is a man wearing a hat and sitting behind the steering wheel.  

The next task is to guess a profession after reading its description. There are eight descriptions of the professions which match with the pictures in ex.1. Following this activity is a text for gap-filling ‘Applying for a job’ which describes the process of applying for a job, covering such issues as writing a resume, going to  a job interview, being promoted to a higher position, or being fired and becoming unemployed.
After reading and gap filling the text, students are asked to act out a job interview, with one student being a candidate for a job, and the other being an interviewer. After some time for preparation, students should show their job interviews to the class, with the teacher collecting feedback and correcting mistakes.
When students are done with their interviews, they continue working in pairs and should answer a set of questions depending on whether they have a job or not. The questions urge students to share their job experiences with the rest of the class using the lesson vocabulary. The final task in this lesson is to solve a crossword puzzle, which can be given as a home assignment.
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