English lesson Music

The first exercise in the English lesson ‘Music’ is to match the pictures of different musical instruments with their names. The pictures of the following instruments are offered:

  • —  Piano
  • — Guitar
  • — Violin
  • — Cello
  • — Drums
  • — Bass
  • — Trumpet
  • — Flute

When students have guessed all the instruments in the pictures, they should say what the people who play these instruments are called, following the pattern: ‘The person who plays a piano is a pianist.’ When this is done, students read and gap-fill the text about the famous pop-and-rock band of the 60s – the Beatles.  

This is followed by a general discussion about music with questions like ‘What is your favorite band?’ and ‘Can you play any musical instruments?’ etc. The last task is to solve the crossword puzzle based on the lesson vocabulary.

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