Teaching ESL

Teaching ESL is one of the most interesting and respectful professions. With more and more people in the world willing to learn English as a second language, teaching ESL has become a focal point in many countries, regions and communities throughout the world. If you are interested in effective ESL teaching, we can help you with advice and materials.

Teaching ESL with color pictures

We provide ready-made printable English lesson plans with color pictures and other visual aids. Show your students a bunch of pictures, give them the words and ask to match the two. The outcome will surprise you.

Teaching ESL with vocabulary exercises

Our vocabulary exercises include texts for reading and gap-filling, matching words and definitions, crossword puzzles, flash cards with pictures etc.

ESL teaching with dialogues

There are more than 100 original dialogue ideas and role-plays in our English lesson plans. So if you want your students to be able to freely speak on any given topic, do not hesitate to make use of our dialogues!

Teaching ESL with crossword puzzles

Crossword puzzles are a great way of vocabulary learning. The crossword puzzles challenge your students to do word search and guess work thus developing their searching and learning skills.
Download English lesson plans to teach ESL!