ESL Teaching with Dialogues

ESL teaching with dialogues is a form of teaching ESL which shifts the primary emphasis towards developing communicative skills. Communication is always an important thing because any language is a communication tool in the first place. In an English worksheet various ways of making dialogues are presented. Students may be offered to make a dialogue based upon a certain situation. For instance, the situation is a job interview and each student plays a part of either an employer or a candidate.

Another task is answering questions in pairs. There’s a list of questions and students should ask each other these questions taking turns. Of course, all of the questions are related to the topic of the lesson. ESL teaching with dialogues plays an important part in improving communication skills and also providing a student with the high range of means of expressing themselves.
ESL teaching with dialogues is distinguished by its more ‘human’ approach steering away from grammar’s highly formal attitude. Dialogues are much more creative and help not only teach students but also entertain them.