ESL lesson plans with texts for gap filling

Each of our ESL lesson plans provides a text for gap filling. Gap filling is the best way of learning vocabulary through context. Instead of giving your students a list of words to learn, you can give them a list of words to fill into a text. While filling in a word, students not only remember the word, but also analyze its use in a sentence.

The gap filling is a challenging exercise for any level students. However, the experience of gap filling may be far more rewarding for your students than any other type of text reading assignment, both emotionally and cognitively.

You might want to assist your students a little bit by introducing new words to them before they do the gap filling exercise. After two or three ESL classes with gap filling, you students will be able to better understand the gist of any text, as well as grasp specific details of each particular text.

Each ESL lesson plan contains a gap filling exercise on a topic. If you want to try this type of task with your students, you may want to download ESL lesson plans and print them for your students. No class preparation is required. The gap filling and other class activities are supplied with comprehensive instructions in simple English that even lower level students can understand.