English lesson plans with a single topic

Each English lesson plan is based on a single topic such as weather, shopping, food, health, crime etc. (See all topics). A single-topic approach provides faster vocabulary learning. After the class, students begin to associate each word with a particular topic. In addition, they will remember when and how they learned each word and phrase, and will be able to connect this word to the same semantic family of words.

You can download a free sample plan  or download all English lesson plans, which include not just a text and a grammar exercise, but a whole bundle of teaching materials that will allow you to conduct fully-featured and complete ESL classes with any level students.

Once you try out our ESL lesson plans, you will change your opinion about the whole process of class preparation. The lesson plans have been developed by more than 100 professional ESL teachers, who shared their experience with us at every stage of ESL lesson plan creation. What’s in it for you? No more wasting your time on class preparation!