English lesson plans with color pictures

We have received a lot of feedback from our partner teachers who cited color pictures as the best way to introduce new vocabulary. Each English lesson starts with the exercise where students should match a written word with the picture. Unlike translation and explanation, the visual association provides the fastest way to the students’ memory.

Upon hearing or seeing a new word, students immediately associate it with a particular image, rather than translation or definition. This allows students to react quicker when they see or hear a new word. They will also be able to better memorize words.

The pictures have been drawn by the professional painters who did their best to deliver distinct images of the things and concepts on several popular topics. We have conducted a thorough research of how pictures, images and other visual aids can help students learn the new vocabulary. The results far outreached our expectations. The pictures have been proved to increase the students’ acquisition of the new words by 30 per cent.

You can download a free sample ESL lesson plan  with pictures to try it out with your students, or you can download all English lesson plans in bulk to provide yourself with the printable ready-made ESL lesson plans for at least half a year of intensive teaching.